A peek into my life

I am a prairie girl at heart! I grew up on a farm. Farm life is ACTIVE, riding horses, running around the fields, biking, running and so many sports with all the other farm kids. I managed to be the captain of both the volleyball & basketball teams…. Mind you the population was around 500 people! Activity was so natural as a child; it was a part of my everyday routine. I always dreamed of travelling the world so as soon as I graduated from high school I set off to explore foreign countries. I literally ran out of money so I moved to Calgary to work in their ever-famous service industry home to the world renowned Calgary Stampede. I fell in love with the glamour and FUN of my new role… late nights, lots of drinking, and cash flow …. I was living the dream! I didn’t even notice that my health was suffering because I was having so much fun. I wasn’t really gaining weight… I still looked good so who cares right? I wasn’t eating as much because I was drinking more and I wasn’t exercising because I didn’t ‘t have time or the energy. I decided to move to San Francisco to study product development, merchandise marketing in Fashion, craving a lifestyle change. I had to make money so I started to bartend again to put myself through school telling myself that this would only be temporary. After I graduated, the money in the service industry was way better than what I could make in the fashion industry so….. I continued. I was able to continually travel the world and had so much freedom….. After some time this overall lifestyle was not serving me. Rich foods, eating late at night… drinking almost everyday…..my health began to suffer. I gained weight… was bloated and my skin was really bad. I felt terrible… I was tired all the time and even started to feel depressed. After a scary hospital visit I knew that I had to commit to my health because now that I was starting to see and feel the effects it was time for a change. A catalyst for this shift was meeting my now husband. As I developed a relationship with him I developed one with myself. I started slowly but it was encouraging to see the results. I noticed FEELING better first, this was enough motivation to keep going! I understand that lifestyle changes are difficult… believe me… but it is possible! I do believe that by making these changes I was able to attract things like love and family into my life. I am on this journey along with you!