About Bianca

Having taken San Francisco by storm since 2000, Canadian-born Bianca Buresh is revolutionizing boot camp mentality– inspiring individuals to take the time for themselves because physical movement is taking care of your mental well-being. Having always been fueled with lots of passionate and intense energy, Bianca was always interested in playing sports and chasing the adrenaline rush of athleticism thanks to her childhood having been raised on a farm. However, finding the right outlet where she could thrive took her some time to find, and she spent this intermediary period traveling and losing touch with her athletic self. When she discovered the world where ravaging her unique workout aesthetic could prosper with her natural high energy and passion shining through– she never looked back. As a lifelong adventurer and risk taker, you can find her motivating take-no-prisoners attitude in each and every one of her classes. When Bianca started to create her family with her husband, she vowed not to let motherhood take priority over being fit and healthy – this is where she began to unfold Body By Buresh recognizing that change is the only constant in life. 

From push up knee tucks on your stairs to using your bed frame for extreme ab exercises and tossing a kid on your shoulders for walking lunges, Bianca shows with her widely followed Instagram videos that making time to focus on your personal development goals is always doable, no matter where you are. Bianca rescinded to the pandemic by taking all of her classes online and she showed up strongly for her community. She believes that we are stronger together.