If you think about it…. It takes 9 months to create a human being…. So allow for 9 months for the weight to come off.  I personally feel like there is a lot of pressure to lose the weight right away after giving birth and it is simply unrealistic!   First, you must release any guilt.  The first precious months of your child’s life are a once and a lifetime experience.  ENJOY it!  There will be plenty of time to MOVE and work hard later… trust me!  Here are some tips for new Mom’s



The best way to START is to WALK.  Walk as much as you can with your new babe in tow.  They love the movement, as it is soothing.  Get dressed and get outdoors.  The fresh air is also good to beat those post partum blues.  As you walk your blood with start to flow and circulate and you will notice a nice mood elevation.  Take deep breaths as you stride into your new role!



Hold off on the strength training exercises until you are cleared by your doctor.  Every woman has a different birth experience and our bodies all recover in their own time.  Strength training usually starts around 6-8 weeks postpartum.  I would not suggest to rush it.  This is a time to build that internal strength.  Eat well and be patient.  One day at a time.  Look at how much time you spend taking care of the needs of your little one.  What a reminder!  Reflect each day.  Did I eat healthy? Did I move today? Start simply.  If you can say YES to these two questions then GOOD for you!



Drink plenty of water. Keep hydrated.  Have a water bottle or glass by you at all times.  Sleep when the baby sleeps.  This is key.  You have to adjust to their schedule…. It’s a bit of a dance in the beginning.

I gained over 50lbs with each of my pregnancies and it was discouraging at times when I tried on my skinny jeans months after birth and they wouldn’t fit over my thighs!!  I was patient and persistent and eventually the body that created my beautiful children transformed.  I feel healthy, strong and vibrant and so can you!