There are many misunderstandings about the F word when you are trying to loose weight and live your BEST life.  I am here to tell you NOT to fear the F word and educate you further to make the right choices for your ultimate vitality.

Not all Fats are bad.  There is GOOD FAT!  

Avocados, coconuts, salmon, raw nuts, whole eggs, and butter.  YUM! 

All the bad fats are basically those that are NOT NATURAL.  So it’s easy to distinguish! 

Man-made fats – 

Packaged food


Hydrogenated fats and the list goes ON.

Another note….



Sugars!!!!  They run havoc on your body causing inflammation, skin breakouts, mood swings, and  un-healthy food cravings.  Sugar is addictive and when you start it, it is hard to stop so I suggest avoiding it completely.  When you eat an abundance of sugar it affects your natural insulin levels,  and cravings are a result.  It is a never-ending battle.  Sugar turns to FAT. 

When you crave something sweet choose a fresh fruit of the season or a delicious date.  Feeling sweet is better. Believe me!

Another secret I am excited to share.  If you keep your meals balanced with lean protein, fiber and a complex carbohydrate such as quinoa, or sweet potatoes. It will keep your belly full for longer. Beans are also all full of goodness, high in fiber and protein. Win win!  I like to throw a handful of garbanzo beans in my salad or roast them and eat them crunchy!  Edamame beans are another awesome snack and so easy to prepare! Eggs are your best friend morning, noon or night!  When you are on the go it is helpful to have a small zip lock bag full of a 1 serving size of raw, unsalted almonds in your bag.  Try walnuts or cashews, and for your kids throw some dried cranberries in the mix…they will love it!   When you are cooking use coconut oil!  It will give your food a fun flavor and will fill you with the good stuff!

Have fun with your meals and keep learning more about the good Fats!!  

An avocado a day keeps the doctor away!!!