Gluten Free Turkey/Veggie Meatballs!

Makes enough for a family of 4 but you can double the batch to make extra meatballs for left overs, by just adding 1 more lb of ground organic Turkey.

-1lbs ground organic Turkey meat or ground beef if that’s what you prefer
-handful of mushrooms (6-8)
-One small zucchini
-One small yellow squash
-One red pepper
-One small red onion
-2 tablespoons garlic
-2 eggs
-One cup of rolled oats
-Salt, pepper, and any other spices you love to use.
-1/4 cup ground flaxseed
-1/4 cup raw hemp seed
-One box of the BANZA chickpea spaghetti or another brand that you like
-1 jar of tomato pasta sauce of your choice


-preheat oven to 375°
-finely chop all of your vegetables, smaller the better
-start your water for the pasta, add pasta when water is boiling and remember to set timers
-mix everything together
-lightly spray the casserole dish with cooking spray of your choice
-roll into small balls & place in casserole dish fairly close together but not touching
-place in the oven for 15 minutes
-after the 15 min is up, take the meatballs out gently rotate from top to bottom and pour your jar of tomato sauce on top covering the meatballs and bake for 12-15 more minutes.

That’s it, super healthy, delicious and the kids will love them too! If there’s any of the ingredients that you don’t wish to add, you don’t have too. You can also substitute for a different vegetable of your choice. I love adding all of these vegetables into my meatballs, because the kids don’t notice the vegetables at all and gobble them up!

These are high protein and high fiber!!!