Bianca is amazing!!! She gives the BEST workouts!! I’m in the best shape of my life, even after 3 children!💪🏼Never going back to a gym!

I know that no matter how much I don’t feel like jumping on at 930am to your LIVE class, when I do and see your smiling face, I know I will feel better and want to be there. I love how much stronger I feel now. Just the best!! Two more things: 1) I did HALF of the workout yesterday and I am SORE!! 2) I just put on a pair of pants that I couldn’t wear last summer. Wahooo!

Body by Buresh workouts have been so inspiring, empowering and especially now, life saving in more ways then I can count! I love Bianca’s smiling face as she gives us an energetic workout that erases all the stress away! Thank you Bianca!

I started with Bianca shortly after we were told to Shelter-in-place. I have loved joining her LIVE classes- her energy and enthusiasm keep me motivated and push me to challenge myself. I was sore for a week after my first class, but, while the classes are still challenging, I can definitely feel myself getting stronger. I also love having access to the on-demand classes. I am feeling great and am surprised at how good an at-home routine can be- with the right motivator and guide! Bianca is so positive, strong and her energy is off the charts! I feel lucky to have found her!

One of the silver linings of this pandemic is being able to do Bianca's workouts online. Bianca always mixes it up with different exercises in each workout, pushes the pace, and motivates you with her bubbly, authentic style. She even offers different versions of many of the moves so that you can adjust to your working level and how much you want to challenge yourself! I get a WAY harder workout with Bianca than when I work out on my own - and all without even having to leave my house.

I took Bianca‘s in-person studio classes for over 4 years, and I am pleasantly surprised with the quality and the effectiveness of the at home workouts. I am still happily getting my butt kicked regularly with her awesome programming, but I am now able to sweat at a time that jives with my workday.

-My husband has been joining me for the workouts and has lost 30 pounds. He has Seen incredible results and improved strength. Thank you!

Every time I train with Bianca, I see and feel real results - almost immediately. She is the best! Your body will feel more toned, have more endurance, more energized, and it helps center my day. Plus, she educates you along the way. Total rejuvenation!

I did the on-demand Tabata class last night and loved it! It was very high humidity, and I was soaked within minutes. But it didn’t hold me back from getting such great enjoyment out of it. I feel it a wee bit in my arms and legs. It’s that good feeling knowing that I got worked. I’ma big fan of Bianca‘s workouts and her TABATA training!

Besides Mother Nature for hikes, you are my sole workout source! I love every workout - the exercises, the pace and the positive energy! How do you keep that last part up? I prefer to have a solid hour to workout BUT these days I’m searching for the quick and Intense 30 minute workouts.

Thank you for keeping me motivated!❤️

I got introduced to Bianca’s workout while living in SF. I instantly fell in love with her routines, and I knew I wanted to continue attending her classes. When COVID happened, and we were forced to shelter in place, Bianca kept her great smile , and figured a way to still keep us encourage and fit!

I really like the ZOOM formate because I can continue to workout with her, doesn’t matter where I’m physically. I no longer need to be tied to a building to have a great workout. She pays attention to every detail , and knows exactly when to call you out ! Overall I recommend anyone who is looking to stay fit, to give Bianca’s ZOOM workout a try.

I have tried hundreds of in person and online workouts any always stick with Bianca because she is truly the best in the business. Bianca offers the perfect balance between strength and cardio workouts where I continue to feel challenged and motivated every week. Bianca is incredibly efficient and teaches a class that targets all muscle groups. I am stronger than ever at the age of 50 thanks to body by Buresh!

"Working out with Bianca gives me a full body tone that I can't get from running, hiking or biking. When I commit and consistently show up, I feel and see great results. Her enthusiasm and support make me feel motivated and give me the drive to keep going - even when it's hard!"

Bianca’s classes make me Iook forward to my mornings! Her energy and enthusiasm makes workouts fun and lifts your spirits! Not only am I strengthening my body but also my mind and soul! Bianca makes working out from home fun and exciting! She changes up the workouts daily so you don’t get bored. I look forward to working out with her because not only am I strengthening my body but also my mind and soul. She rocks!!!